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You want to give your dog the happiest and most relaxed life with you. This comes from properly training your dog to achieve a great understanding, communication and friendship with each other.

However, you may have recently adopted a rescue dog with some issues or taken on a new pet dog and be feeling concerned about some behavioural issue that is preventing a good fit with your household. Does this sound like your situation? This is my speciality.

Whether you’re feeling concerned (maybe even secretly feeling a bit guilty) that you’ve made a mistake in buying or adopting this particular dog, or are at your wit’s end to solve an existing behavioural problem, you have my full respect just for researching a solution. You’re already showing a determination not to let this dog down.

My role is to help overcome the frustrations, help you understand the potential causes of the issue and explain and teach realistic behavioural improvements.

My passion is helping people dealing with dogs with serious behaviour problems like:Yuki begging

  • Aggression to people or other dogs
  • Fear, shaking, general timidity especially outdoors
  • Leash pulling on walks
  • Toy or food guarding (even sofa guarding!)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Over-excited behaviours, especially greetings
  • Destructiveness
  • Compulsive barking
  • Toilet training issues

I also love helping guide people through the delightful early stages of puppy ownership and bonding with their new dog to build a trusting relationship.

Very occasionally I have been asked to counsel and assist with rehoming (through SPCA or other rescue organisations) if the fit is just not right with your dog. I respect that you want the issue fixed with love and compassion and a second chance for the dog.

I want you to feel you’re doing the best for a loved family member who enjoys the privileges of your home – food, attention, sofa time and maybe even hogging the bed too. Just as my own dogs do.

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About Marion McDonald

I’ve been training dogs since 2009. I studied with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training ( to complete the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Psychology. I also completed the UK Pet Behaviour Council ( course for accreditation in 2015. I use only positive reinforcement and force-free methods and keep up to date on positive, effective training techniques based on well researched learning principles.

My volunteer work includes Hong Kong Dog Rescue (2012-2014), and SPCA Hong Kong (2015 – ongoing). I’m currently a volunteer behavioural trainer for SPCA rescue dogs to help increase their chances of adoption. I thrive on the challenge of working with the rescue extremes – nervous dogs that need help to build their confidence with people to get adopted, and the over-friendly dogs that need some basic good behaviour training to help them fit into a new family.

I have been helping private clients and their dogs in Hong Kong through word of mouth since 2015. My clients are wonderful people with a new family dog or, more often, have given a rescue dog a second chance. They typically find they need a little extra coaching to help the dog enjoy a calm and happy life with their new family. Working to help create a harmonious and joyful relationship is my goal.

Why “Couch Boss”? Yuki, my Westie, first inspired me to delve into dog behaviour and training. He has owned the sofa (and my heart) since 2005. See the Couch Boss gallery page and Instagram couchboss1 for the #caninecouchboss army out there.

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Contact Marion by phone or email for an initial discussion, plus I am always available on whatsapp: +852 9865 7851 for a quick chat!


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